The REIV and AFL Coaches Association team up to inspire excellence in real estate

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), the peak representative body for real estate professionals in Victoria and the AFL Coaches Association, the representative body for AFL coaches in the Australian Football League are teaming up to inspire excellence in real estate.

Both organisations share a common purpose of supporting their Members to be “The Best You Can Be”.

Real Estate Institute Victoria President Leah Calnan has hailed the new REIV partnership with the AFL Coaches Association as an innovative way to share transferable skills in an environment that is testing the resilience of people from all walks of life.

REIV President Leah Calnan said working with the AFL Coaches Association brings two like-minded membership bodies together.

“The AFL Coaches Association includes some of the sharpest minds and most reliable leaders in world sport, being able to tap into their experience is invaluable for those looking to push the boundaries further in real estate.” Ms Calnan said.

“During these demanding times, resilience and the ability for businesses to adapt are essential. Learning from those who have achieved the highest success in an ever-changing and highly competitive industry is a great opportunity for our members.”

The REIV represents over 80% of all real estate agencies in Victoria and aims to provide some of the best professional development opportunities available.

“Our partnership with the AFL Coaches Association will give Members access to elite knowledge and expertise that can be applied in their own development. Working together on the ways to bring out the best in ourselves and our teams.”

AFL Coaches Association CEO Mark Brayshaw said that the REIV and the AFL Coaches Association was a great fit.

“Leaders develop and nurture the culture of an organisation – whether it’s on the field or in business. Inspirational leaders set examples, don’t shy away from difficult decisions and build teams that support each other – the real estate industry like the AFL is full of examples of exemplary leadership.”

“Players and coaches who have had long and successful careers know that having impeccable integrity, building relationships and winning the respect of their team and the AFL fraternity are some of the components critical for long term success.”

“All great coaches have sustained their position at the pinnacle through relentless curiosity and genuine continuous improvement. Their journeys are very dependent upon others with complementary expertise,” Brayshaw said.

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