The Great Australian Population Shift

The dust is starting to settle from the COVID-19 storm.

As a nation, we are shaken but not defeated.

While we are obviously not out of the woods yet, our success in smashing the curve has now given us options.

Options that will allow us to lead the globe in saving lives, firing up the economy and creating a migration and tourism bubble with other nations who have made similar progress in terms of containing the virus.

Without doubt, the pandemic will have a lasting impact on the way Australians live, their preferred lifestyle and location, the types of properties they choose to inhabit and how they migrate within Australia:

We are now far more willing to work from home.

We prefer larger properties, with room to form a home base, grow veggies and spend time with the kids.

We may be happy to live further from key CBD locations because we are not commuting every day.

The changes occurring in our nation are the resultant of a once in a hundred-year event.

We are calling it The Great Australian Population Shift.

Ripehouse Advisory is in a unique position to help the Australian property sector comprehend this drastic change.

As a research company associated with a large network of property professionals, we reached out with a set of hard-hitting questions to survey the new lay of the land.

129 experts, identifying as academics, industry leaders and property professionals responded.

Within this document are many of their insightful perspectives.

We were also very interested in understanding which areas, sectors and types of properties the experts felt would be the hardest hit.

These responses were then passed over to our research team to build out a list of suburbs you should potentially avoid due to the Great Australia Population Shift.

This research, and even the corresponding list of suburbs, is included at the end of this report.Finally, we then looked for a silver lining

.Are there a subset of Australian suburbs in light of this shift, which may provide a “Safe Haven” to property owners, buyers and investors?

Please also feel free to share this document with other property owners, buyers or investors.

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