REIA backs Federal Government's tracing app

President of the Real Estate Institute of Australia, Adrian Kelly has backed the Federal Government’s new COVID-19 tracing app.

“Our entire industry has been impacted by the virus and we must all pull together during these final stages to do everything we can to ensure its containment,” said Mr Kelly.

“All governments, both state and federal are to be congratulated for their efforts when comparing the impact of the virus with other countries.

“The government deserves our support and gratitude.”

Mr Kelly said anyone connected to the real estate industry should download and use the app including salespeople, business owners, property managers, receptionists, tradespeople and even tenants, those attending inspections and property owners.

“Now is the chance for the real estate industry to play our part and defeat this thing,” said Mr Kelly.

“The app will provide added confidence for those inspecting houses.

“While protocols for inspections have been established by the state and territory governments, the tracking would bolster any trace-backs of other contacts, should it be needed and add to the speed of containment of Coronavirus.”

Mr Kelly urged the industry to download the app, regardless of concerns about privacy.

“Privacy is not the issue here. There is no procedure manual for this virus,” said Mr Kelly.

“Download the app, let it do its job and let all of us help to save lives.

“When it’s all over we can then delete the app because our job will be done.”

Mr Kelly said estate agents were known for their ability to handle new technology including virtual inspections and online auctions.

“Let’s step up, lead by example and knock this thing on the head,” said Mr Kelly.

“As an industry, and I include all our tenants and property owners, we are a powerful body so please, let’s do what needs to be done. Let’s play our part.”

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