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Monthly Research Report

Australia's highest performing property report

Our monthly Pinpoint Predictions Report takes the best bits of the high performing Ripehouse Recommendation Engine and combines them with a healthy dose of expert due diligence.

Leaving no stone unturned, the Pinpoint Predictions Report provides precise recommendations, detailing the best suburbs, streets and exact properties to target in your investment search.

Released in a timely and relevant fashion, the Pinpoint Predictions Report delivers actionable recommendations in order to maximise your investment results.

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All about results

Track Record of Success

How can you reliably research and target suburbs set for great capital growth?

Getting your timing right is crucial to ensure you experience strong growth from day one.

The monthly Ripehouse Pinpoint Predictions Report has a track record of success. We have back-checked past reports, and in the last 12 months, Ripehouse recommended suburbs have delivered 18.7% capital growth*.

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Capital Growth

* Based on an analysis of our April 2017 Pinpoint Predictions Report - tracking capital growth for each suburb and street recommended. Capital growth percentage was established and confirmed using independant third party sources.

“I wouldn’t have found this property and been able to negotiate as well as I could without your excellent advice. Keep up the great work. Now for my next purchase.”**

Guy Williams - Happy Ripehouse Investor ** Purchased Ten properties in the first Ten months of a Ripehouse Subscription (including reports). Average Capital Growth per purchase as 25% in the first year. Average Rental Yield was 6.25%. Capital Growth percentage was established by Guy himself using independant third party sources.

Exact and actionable

It's all about giving you the answers

You need to have the confidence to purchase, knowing precisely where, what and how to select your next investment.

A suburb “tip” is of little value if you do not understand the exact streets to target and the types of properties that are set to achieve the strongest growth.

The Pinpoint Predictions Report is conclusive. In addition to delivering detailed local government and suburb level research, it also provides map overlays, identifying which specific streets to target and which ones to avoid.

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Timely and accurate

The Pinpoint Predictions Reports are relevant and timely - to the day

Purchasing an investment property is a big decision. It is critical that you base your selection on first hand, timely research.

In many cases, the optimum time to purchase, before the masses arrive, is approximately 10-12 weeks.

This is why we release The Pinpoint Predictions Report monthly - and would question the timeliness and relevance of a report which is quarterly, or takes many weeks to produce. Each month, with all hands on deck, the Ripehouse team collates our findings, comprehensively finalises a monthly due diligence check, all within a 3-4 day period.

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10%+ Growth

Last 6 Months!

“On the basis of the April 2017 report, I was looking at property in Radan. Having recently returned I am now seeing purchase prices $30,000 to $40,000 (10-13%) above what I saw 6 months ago. The heat in the market has definitely intensified. Back in April I was inspecting properties in private or with one or two others, now I’m seeing 20+ parties at each open….I’m kicking myself that I’ve missed out on this growth.”

Ed Byrne - Ripehouse Subscriber

Recent Successful Prediction

Redan - recommended April 2017

Redan (Ballarat) first appeared as a recommended suburb in our April 2017 Pinpoint Predictions Report.

In the immediate months prior, we observed an extremely healthy market dynamic - Rent Per Week and Rental Yield had recently risen to 5.6%, Sales Volumes where spiking and there was a distinct tightening of supply (evidenced by a drop in Day's on Market). These factors alerted us that growth would soon follow.

With investor demand and heat in the market rapidly increasing, we removed Redan from our Pinpoint Predictions list by July 2017. With a buying window of approximately 12-14 weeks, sophisticated investors, ready to execute on this recommendation secured excellent results.

In the last 6 months Redan has experienced tremendous growth of 10-13%.

The market is now experiencing BOOM like conditions and is primed for sustained and strong ongoing and future growth.

The buying window however, is now is firmly closed for REDAN. You can find out where we are NOW recommending nearby in this month’s Report.

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