COVID-19 VS Australian Property

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shock waves through society.
As recently as early March, many markets across
Australia were in full recovery mode. Investors were
desperate to purchase in fear of missing out.

But now it seems the economic rug has been pulled from beneath
our feet.

Ripehouse Advisory is in a unique position to help the Australian
property sector in this drastic time of need.

As a research company with close associations with a large network
of property professionals, we felt a responsibility to help investors
and property owners make sense of this current upside down

We formulated a set of hard-hitting questions to get to the root of
expert opinion. University academics, heads of industry bodies and
professionals at the coalface have all generously shared their
insights to help everyday Australians make the best property
decisions possible.

In all, we received 146 responses.

This document allows you to quantify the responses as well as take a
deep dive into many interesting or insightful perspectives.

We were also very interested to understand which areas, sectors and
types of properties the experts felt would be hardest hit. This
information was then passed over to our research team to build out a
list of suburbs you should potentially avoid due to COVID-19.

This research, and even the corresponding list of suburbs, is
included at the end of this report.

Finally, we then looked for a silver lining.

Where there a subset of Australian suburbs which may provide a
“Safe Haven” to property owners, buyers and investors? In answering
this question, we take you through our methodology and research
- even including a list of the suburbs we identify.

Please also feel free to share this document with other property
owners, buyers or investors.

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