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We Provide State, LGA, Suburb, Street and Property Analysis Tools and Reports

Ripehouse is designed to be simple yet powerful. Our holistic research tools and reports assist in finding the optimum State and LGA set to deliver you results from day one. From there you can locate the exact suburb, street and properties that will amplify those results, de-risking your property selection towards your property goals.

State of the States Analysis Tool

A quick state level status check provides great initial context when researching your next investment property. Our state analysis tool allows you to view the current growth, property clock and important metrics for each state - updated multiple times per day.

LGA Analysis Tool

Local Government Areas are the key to zooming in on growth areas - our LGAs analysis tool identifies significant metric, property clock and buy/hold/sell information for each of Australia's 561 LGAs. You can quickly filter and find which LGAs are set to perform.

Explore the Nation Suburb Analysis Tool

The unique Suburb Vs. Suburb comparison and search tool allows a simple visual comparison of suburbs across Australia. You can quickly locate the suburbs most likely to grow in value or perhaps those that are currently in vogue with the nation's property insiders and investors.

Street Analysis Tool

We know how important it is to purchase in the exact street set to have strong tenant demand and excellent growth. Our powerful map-based street analysis tool allows you to visualise the precise location of key investment factors, like public housing, tenant demand, higher yields and much more. You are then able to quickly filter through each suburb's current on market properties, gathered from all real estate listing websites, to find those set to perform.

Property Appraisal Tool

Our property appraisal interface allows you to gain comfort in how much to pay for any on or off-market properties across Australia. We provide you with the most relevant comparable properties based on location, condition and how recently the property sold. You can perfect the appraisal and then determine exactly how a property's proximity to shops, schools, transport and public housing might impact its appraised value.

We Dig a Little Deeper - The Ripehouse Advantage

Ripehouse Sweetspots

Think of the suburb in which you live. You know the streets you would prefer to live in, the ones which are potentially booming, and more importantly which ones to avoid.

At Ripehouse we understand that street level research can make or break your investment. Each Ripehouse Sweetspot ticks our 5 point street level checklist, performing 25.7% above the overall suburb's average level of growth.

You can quickly find these Sweetspots in any suburb of Australia, then shortlist only market properties located within these high-performing street areas.

Public Housing

While public housing does provide great social benefit - as investors, it does present a potential risk to our investment and returns.

Our research has demonstrated that high levels of public housing can have a dramatic impact on potential property growth. Ripehouse can identify the public housing concentration data for any street in Australia, allowing you to quickly filter any properties that do not meet your tolerance level.

Key Amenities

We all know that the location of a property is critically important to its value and ongoing growth. But which exact location factors have the greatest impact?

Our exhaustive analysis has revealed it really is only the big three which impact growth and value - shopping, schools and transport. Knowing the exact location of these amenities is easy with Ripehouse - but more importantly, you can see exactly how a properties location impacts its value and growth potential.

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