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Scott Parry

Born and bred in Western Australia, moved to Melbourne at 23yrs of age. I have been lucky enough to acquire an investment property portfolio of 10+ properties all around Australia and by the age of 27 was financially free and able to travel the world for 3-6 months each year enjoying the benefits of a passive income stream. I have studied with and been mentored by Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins and Dave Ramsey. Really passionate about helping people make progress in all areas of their life. Have 6 other successful businesses around Australia. Money Coaching is what I live and breathe, having personally coached over 2000+ Australians on Money Management and how to improve their financial position.

Crown Money Management

Founder - Managing Director @ Crown Money Management

Crown Rate Reducer specialises in helping people create equity and become debt free faster using our proven and tested money management strategies. We believe that what gets measured gets done, so by simply measuring our clients and their net worth each and every month it helps to keep them accountable and moving forward financially. 

We are able to reduce the interest rate on your home loan when you bundle it with your investment property down to as low as 2.25%. This enables you to accelerate your home ownership dream as well as create more equity to invest.

With our network of Money Coaches in every capital city, we personally contact each and every client every month reporting to them on their surplus cashflow position as well as their equity position. Giving our client the financial clarity they've always wanted. | | 1300882981

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