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Edwin Almeida

With a deep passion for the Real Estate Industry, including construction, property management, sales and training, Edwin has a sound background regarding the fundamentals of property and its driving principles.


He shares his knowledge freely with a broad base of readers from novice to seasoned property investors, looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of the property arena and real estate industry.

Edwin’s experience, along with his current role as the Managing Partner of Just Think Real Estate Sydney, allows him to keep abreast of Industry and Market changes.


Managing Partner @ Just-Think

Just-Think provides Real Estate Sales, Marketing and Property Management solutions to Greater Sydney, and is one of Sydney’s fastest growing agencies.

Just-Think specialises in volume sales and has assisted numerous vendors and developers to sell their properties quickly and efficiently. At the same time, this approach has allowed Just- Think to provide purchasers with outstanding investment opportunities.


Their key goal is achieving customer satisfaction; making sure landlords, buyers, sellers and tenants have something positive to say about doing business with Just-Think. | | (02) 9635 6277

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