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Dr Matthew Bateman

Dr. Matthew Bateman (B.Sc , G.Dip Ed., M.Chiro) is a passionate educator and professional presenter on all areas of health, wealth & success. 

A top level athlete himself, Dr. Matt also worked personally on the physical & mental preparations of Olympic & World Champion Athletes, across a range of sports, for many years. Whilst establishing a string of Health & Wellness businesses across Melbourne, Dr. Matt also made the conscious decision, and six figure investment, to educate himself on becoming a successful property investor & developer, receiving personal mentoring with some of the world’s leading experts in property, business & personal development. 

Dr. Matt’s asset class of choice became property and he then systematically went about becoming an expert in it, amassing a multi-million dollar property portfolio. His company The Property Mentors is currently involved in the development of over $100M worth of residential property, and has successfully taught hundreds of clients how to sustainably structure & build large property portfolios to suit their lifestyle.

He is a co-founder & Director of The Property Mentors Australia.

The Property Mentors

DIrector And Founder @ The Property Mentors

The Property Mentors is an elite team of sophisticated property investors, each having built a multi-million dollar property portfolio, and who have spent years building real world results investing in residential property.

The Property Mentors offer an exclusive member’s-only service that takes advantage of their experience in the industry, direct relationships with developers, & bulk buying power to secure special off-market, and advanced property based, opportunities not available to the general public. | | 03 8842 9399

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