Why anything less is selling yourself short

Why anything less is selling yourself short

In our previous piece, we stressed the importance of widening your investment catchment area in order to expose yourself to the largest possible amount of high growth potential targets. While the range of information you’re dealing with is obviously hugely relevant, it’s far from the only factor at play, however – recency is an equally critical yardstick to judge your data by.

Just how recent are we talking about here? The short answer is very

In stark contrast to our competitors, all critical data in the Ripehouse system is processed and updated on an hourly basis – you’re looking at real-time data across the board as you weigh up your next move. Let’s dig into why that’s so important in a little more depth.



The Need for Speed Has Never Been Greater

Though overall conditions and growth potential can vary wildly over the years, one thing remains true across virtually all markets – timing matters. In fact, based on our experience down the years, the optimal buying window to position yourself for growth is roughly 8–10 weeks on average. 

That means there’s an all too brief sliver of time available on most properties where you’ve got a genuinely excellent chance of locking in outsize long-term returns.

Let’s think about that time period in the context of traditional property research and the type of “growth reports” which are touted around in far too many corners of the industry. The reality is that a huge percentage of these industry research reports are based on data from the last quarter at best. Bear in mind that, at a minimum, you’re looking at six weeks just to gather a data set in many cases. 

The information within, then needs to be normalised, analysed and presented – a process that could take anywhere from weeks to months.

The worrying upshot of all this is simple – if you’re relying on these types of outdated market research, the ship in question may already have sailed. You simply have to be dealing with information that’s as up to date as possible in order not to get inadvertently lumped in with the vast majority of property investors who never see anything more than deeply average returns over time. 

Stick with our system and you’ll reliably beat the heat and stay one step ahead of the chasing pack at all times.

Don’t Settle for Yesterday’s News

As you cast your investment net wider, it becomes ever more important that you’re looking at the right underlying data, and that it’s as current as humanly possible. 

We’ve put speed and recency at the very heart of our wider system, so you can be confident you’re well ahead of the informational curve when deciding whether to pull the trigger in a particular LGA, or when comparing similar opportunities across dispersed areas.

Speaking of LGAs, stay tuned for the next piece in our series where we’ll break down exactly why they’re such an excellent indicator of markets which are poised for long-term growth.

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