Edwin's Top 5 Tips to - presenting your home for sale on a small budget

Edwin's Top 5 Tips to - presenting your home for sale on a small budget

We all know that first impressions count. However, we also know that it doesn’t take long to come across badly presented properties on the internet. 

Take a step back and ask yourself; how would you present your home if you invited the person of your dreams over for the very first time? 

The truth is, applying this approach to a sale is not all that different. Because in selling a home, we are also looking for the buyer of our dreams. 

Of course unlike a dream partner, our ‘dream buyer’ is simply the one who will pay the most for your property.

  1. A picture paints a thousand words. Therefore, why do we see unmade beds, sinks with dishes and clutter in a lot of online property ads? This tells the buyer two things: the agent doesn’t care, nor does the owner. 
  2. Driveways and frontages. These are first sections of the properties people see. Prepare the gardens, pressure clean the old concrete and where possible, clean the roof tiles. 
  3. A coat of paint goes a long way. Most people would be pleasantly surprised by how much a coat of paint can brighten up a space. This particularly applies to hallways and living areas. 
  4. Odor and mold. Don’t just try and mask the odors and mold, have the root of the problem treated. In some cases, it’s a matter of a few broken tiles allowing moisture in. Leaking taps behind kitchen cupboards and bad ventilation should also be addressed.
  5. Floor covering. A number of times over the years, we have had to sell properties with old carpets. In most cases, when changing was not an option, we had it re-stretched and cleaned and at a fraction of the cost. 

The above are simple and affordable tips. Yet these are tips that have had great outcomes for our vendors, putting thousands of extra dollars in their pockets. 

I also strongly recommend for sellers to obtain a pest and building report weeks before going to market. 

These reports will detail what may be required to be addressed structurally. 

Be mindful, buyers will use any objection to bargain down on price. 

What you and the real estate agent can have fixed for a few hundred dollars, buyers will exaggerate these to be in the sum of thousands. 


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