Catchment areas: why you should step out of your comfort zone

Catchment areas: why you should step out of your comfort zone

As you’ve probably started to realise, we’re passionately committed to a very specific process here at Ripehouse – one that’s rooted firmly in a combination of hard-won insights from decades of market info and real-time access to buyer behaviour data across the nation. 

It’s a mix that’s served ourselves and our investors well over the years, and one that relies heavily on intelligently sampling a wide data set to drive truly informed decisions.

Though we’re huge fans of diving deep into local data when the time is right, we also insist on widening the natural catchment areas of our investors straight out of the gate. We do this in order to make sure they’re really sizing up the full range of options available to them. 

The perfect property could be just around the corner, but it’s madness to limit your search to whatever immediate neighbourhood you happen to already be familiar with.

At the same time, there’s an inherent risk in casting your net too wide if the fundamentals of your approach are far from honed. Without the right set of criteria to guide your overall search, you risk getting drowned in hard to parse data once you move beyond your geographical comfort zone.


Ripehouse – Removing the Data Dilemma Once and For All

A huge part of our overall mission when sitting down to design the Ripehouse research platform was removing this tension around data once and for all. 

To us, it’s common sense that any investor would naturally be looking to maximise their chances of success by having access to the most reliable and comprehensive data pool possible.

In order to make this a practical proposition, we knew we would have to radically raise the bar in terms of both data acquisition and presentation. 

It wouldn’t be enough to simply throw far flung data at our users and expect them to magically extract their own valuable insights. We knew we would have to make significant investments around tooling and analysis to make our users truly comfortable with taking a big picture approach to their investments.

It was a big ask, but we’re confident that the latest version of the Ripehouse platform more than delivers. 

Regardless of which personal investment goals you have, or the exact investment strategy you’re pursuing to reach these, you’ll be able to make apples-for-apples comparisons across every market in the country.

Full-Funnel Insight Drives Outsize Returns

In addition to widening our investors’ horizons, it was also crucially important to us that they’re able to get a full-funnel overview of each property under consideration. 

We’re adamant about making sure that every investment option can make a convincing case for itself across the board, rather than just looking good in the context of one particular comparison point.

That’s a big part of why you won’t see us making an unnecessary fuss around top-level figures such as state-level “property clocks”. Rather than getting hung up on those types of potentially misleading blanket figures, we’ve got the tools to help you quickly look at each level of the property value chain, and make intelligent connections between them.

To sum up, the story starts with taking a wider view in terms of catchment areas, but we also go above and beyond in helping you dig into detail. 

The end result for you as an investor is a process that lets you cast a wide net efficiently, and then naturally leads you towards intimately understanding areas of opportunity right down to the street and property level.

Stay tuned for future pieces where we’ll explore exactly how we’re putting all that data to work for you in more detail!

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