AI is better at buying investment property than you

AI is better at buying investment property than you

The future of property investment has arrived; brought to you through the application of artificial and swarm intelligence.

In a world first, after more than half a decade in the making, property research and technology company Ripehouse, has announced that it has cracked the code. The time has come, to launch its new, groundbreaking AI property platform.

Founder, Jacob Field states, “Ripehouse is a property company that helps and empowers investors through technology.”

“Our aim is to remove emotion or even skill from research and acquisition - helping an investor focus on their desired outcome and investment roadmap.”

Over the past 5 years, Ripehouse has been developing the software which works using artificial and swarm intelligence.  The fruition of which is now realized in The Ripehouse Brain.

Mr Field states that, “The Ripehouse Brain is at the absolute cutting edge of technology. It uses machine learning to methodically look at, and replicate the human touch and then improve on it - by crunching the numbers and then applying these learnings”.

“By observing thousands of investors all over the country, it is able to track momentum, and follow the Investor Eye Ball as it shifts, ensuring that it always remains on pulse. It adapts and learns in real time from this collective swarm of momentum”.

The objective of the platform is to assist property investors to reliably identify outstanding potential assets aligned with their specific strategic roadmap. 

It looks at what the individual is trying to achieve via property investment, and then locates the absolute best local government areas, suburbs, streets and properties currently on the market, set to deliver targeted strategic outcomes.

 As an example, let’s say you “Dial Up” Capital Growth as your primary strategy to the maximum 100%, using the available tools. As a result, The Ripehouse Brain will locate 26 Suburb locations, but only 16,600 individual dwellings set to deliver maximum capital growth - right now, looking out across the nation.

 Of these dwellings there are only 70 properties currently on the market with an average expected capital growth in the next 12 months of 18.7%!

 “If you dial down your preferred Capital Growth outcome you might have more options but less growth. You might also like to throw into the mix renovation potential, development potential, positive cash flow or very low risk investing” comments Mr Field.

 Mr Field explains that “each time a property recommendation is made using The Ripehouse Brain it is back-checked. The Ripehouse Brain searches for all the instances where similar market conditions have been present at an LGA, Suburb and a Street level.”

 “The Ripehouse Brain then uses this information to predict likely future growth. By monitoring this growth in real time, it is constantly learning, improving and optimizing - just like a real investor's Brain, only better.”

 So there you have it.  We have reached a time where AI is better at buying property than you.


About Ripehouse -

Ripehouse is for investors by investors. We are the preferred choice of industry insiders, educators, buyers, agents and investors.

We are a subscription service - our members receive unlimited access to the wide range of Ripehouse tools. These include, but are not limited to, the suburb search, street analysis, property recommendations and appraisal tools. Our community members are also able to access private research and investor masterclass events.

We are continuously striving towards further progress and innovation. This is evident from a number of ‘firsts’ we have achieved in the market amongst all other Australian property portals:


We were the first website to display ‘For Sale’ properties on a suburb map.

The same year we became the first to display price heat maps on a suburb map: displaying the high and low clusters of price on the map.  We collaborated with researchers at Stanford University using the same algorithms that were originally used to map crime in the US. In addition to displaying price, we were also able to display gentrification areas on a suburb map, identifying areas going up in value faster than other areas in the suburb, i.e the Newtown side of Marrickville in Sydney increased in value faster (and before) the Tempe side of the suburb.


We displayed the location of key amenities in each suburb (shops, schools and transport), also performing in-depth research, about how proximity to each of these amenities will affect the value of a property. We are still the only source of this research in Australia.


Helping the investor understand unfamiliar locations as a local would, we were the first website to map key street level information. For example - the level of public housing per street, crime, rent, income, yield, tenant mix and exact locations of key amenities in the suburb, on a suburb map.   More importantly, we were able to link these crucial local dynamics back to cost.


We launched a self learning technology that automatically assesses the likely condition of property currently on market - helping investors to quickly locate other properties that have recently sold likely to be in a similar condition.


‘Sweetspot Overlays’ were developed to  help the investor find the exact street level Sweetspots within a suburb - set to deliver the most capital growth.

We implemented flood zone overlays - assisting investors to quickly filter on market properties (in or out) of these areas - and then assessing how flood zones affect property value.


The Ripehouse Brain was launched - providing very specific and outstanding property recommendations. Using our unique state, LGA, suburb, street and property research - it leverages on all parts of our platform to provide outstanding strategy recommendations and outcomes in property investment.


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