6--315 Golden Four Drive Tugun - QLD

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6--315 Golden Four Drive Tugun - QLD - ...




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Clients purchasing property within their super fund are entitled to claim depreciation deductions,and we’re completing more and more of these reports each day. A common trend we’re seeing is for business owners to purchase the building their business occupies as a tenant. It can be a great strategy from a security of location standpoint as well as capital growth.

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Checkout the recording of last night's February Capital Growth Masterclass with Jacob Field, founder of Ripehouse. A new state has emerged - don't miss out on the inside scoop!

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Mum and Dad investors, tipped to gain interest in commercial property in 2017, according to leading real estate agency Gunning.

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It’s amazing how far a few hundred dollars will stretch when it comes to investing into the presentation of a property for sale. This week’s top tips are about the few details that can make all the difference. Find out how to get ahead of your buyers, and anticipate problems within your property that could be an inexpensive fix prior to listing and, once altered, aid in a smooth and profitable sale. 

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Australia’s property industry has been a main driver of economic growth and increased employment in the transition away from a decade-long reliance on mining. Today, we look at the Real Estate Institute of Australia’s Pre Budget Submission for 2017/18 to the Government, calling for action to facilitate growth in the property sector. President Malcolm Gunning discusses the removal of stamp duty and provision of access to buyers’ superannuation funds as two factors that will aid in facilitating this industry growth. Find out more here.

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  As 2017 gets underway it’s time to put the blinkers on and concentrate on your end goal, according to Smarter Property Investing principal and portfolio specialist Christine Williams.

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As you’re gearing up to improve your existing investment strategy or perhaps make your very first investment in 2017, consider these five tips from property expert Edwin Almeida.

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  Managing Director of MCG Quantity Surveyors Mike Mortlock explores the challenges in using online tools to calculate tax depreciation schedules, as opposed to seeking advice from experts in the field. There has been a rise in people searching for answers on the internet, however, as we learn in this article, unless you’re dealing with a brand new house or townhouse, things can head in a myriad of directions and costs become much less predictable. Read all about the intricacies of tax depreciation schedules through the use of real life examples here.

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An oasis with a view. This incredible apartment building has it all - outdoor entertainment area, an infinity pool, and deductions of over $15,000 within the first full financial year for two bedroom investments. Managing Director of MCG Quantity Surveyors, Mike Mortlock, provides us with the depreciation schedules for this spectacular property here.

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Residential vacancy rates across Sydney were affected by the Christmas period, according to data released by the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. Read more about which Sydney suburbs were affected and exact statistics here.


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