46 The Promenade, Isle Of Capri - QLD

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414 days

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180 days

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No Disc.

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Date Source Listing Discount
29 Apr, 2017 www.realestate.com.au - View Auction
03 Apr, 2017 www.realestate.com.au - View $1,551,000
08 Feb, 2017 www.realestate.com.au - View Price Not Listed
19 Apr, 2016 www.realestate.com.au - View Auction
22 Mar, 2016 www.realestate.com.au - View Price Not Listed
These are archive listing, actual listing dates for this property at or before the time stated above may vary. This property is displayed for archiving purposes.
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46 The Promenade, Isle Of Capri - QLD - ...

2 Baths

4 Cars

4 Beds


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Recent Comparable Sold Properties

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Date Sold Listing Type Address Cond. Prop. Type Beds Asking Price
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A must read Property Investment cheatsheet
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