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When Christine Williams found herself raising two teenage daughters with $15K in her pocket once expenses were paid following her divorce, she was determined her children wouldn’t experience a lifetime of struggle. Instead, she made a decision that transformed her future and that of the clients she works with today - Christine started to invest in property. 

She’d always known that real estate made money – it was something she’d learned from buying and selling her own home. As her portfolio grew and she realised the many gains to be made by multi-property investing, Christine knew she’d found her financial sweet spot. 

As author of Suddenly Single: 7 Smarter Step to Design the Life You Want and Discover the Key to Safe Investing, Christine has risen from a childhood on the breadline (including two years living in a caravan) to owning a national property portfolio. Part-memoir, part-guide, Suddenly Single (due for July 2017 release) is proof you can start again and make money with your authentic self in tact.

Over 30 years later and an incredible track record of success for both herself and her clients, Christine now shares the secrets to creating the life you want. She presents tailored residential investment solutions to move away from living pay-cheque to pay-cheque, to enjoying financial freedom.

Smarter Property Investing

Principal And Portfolio Specialist @ Smarter Property Investing

Take a short cut to Destination Freedom with real estate portfolio specialists, Smarter Property Investing. We’ll show you how everyday Australians earning $55k a year have changed their financial futures through our tailored investment solutions. Whether you’re looking to retire early or create another income stream, we put the groundwork in to ensure you’re investment ready and primed for prosperity.

As one of a handful to hold Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA) accreditation, Smarter Property Investing principal and portfolio specialist, Christine Williams joins the industry elite. She is a licensed real estate agent (Victoria, NSW and QLD) with accounting and mortgage broking qualifications. Christine has over three decades of residential property industry experience and enjoys helping people to make the right investment decisions.

Our services include:

* Complimentary preparation to invest ‘Discovery Sessions’ 

* Residential real estate portfolio strategies

* Investment property search packages

* Residential real estate portfolio assessments

* Cashflow assessments

* ‘No sell’ focus seminars and webinars with leading finance, legal, compliance and real estate professionals | | 1300 736 754

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