Sweet Spots

Sweet spots

Think about the suburb you live in, you know the good streets, and you know the areas to avoid. When investing, the best areas are often unfamiliar to us. Ripehouse helps you understand a suburb as a local would so you can find the sweet spot!

Make it simple

Make it simple

Property investment can be a daunting thing and there is an endless source of information available. Our software gives you the confidence to make investment decisions and be confident when purchasing property. Investing in property doesn’t have to be hard. You can do it, we know because we are investors just like you.

Accurate Data

Sweet spots

Our software uses Hyper-local data that is regularly reviewed and vetted to ensure it is accurate to market. Historical data has no relationship with future growth potential; our rolling live data provides the most accurate information so that you can make decisions that will maximise capital growth.

So you want capital growth?

If you purchase a property at the wrong time in the property cycle, you could end up losing over $26,000 in net taxable loss (over 6 years). In the property investment market there is often a lot of mis-information and it can be hard to determine if an individual or organisation has an ulterior motive, so you’re left wondering who to listen to? The answer is to approach property investment with common sense and trust yourself. Check out our video where Jacob shows you how you can use Ripehouse to find a property primed for capital growth in the property cycle!

Identifying Sweet Spots

Imagine if you could achieve over 20% greater capital growth by choosing the right property within a suburb. Ripehouse sweet spots are shown to have out-performed the rest of the suburb by 21.9%. Not all streets are equal, every suburb has its own dynamic. How can you reliably pin-point these areas that are likely to deliver the highest capital growth? There are three steps to finding a property that lies within a sweet spot; 1. We need to target the core streets that are in demand by tenants, 2. Invest in a street that has the right proximity to the big three amenities that tenants are concerned with, schools, shops, and public transport, 3. And finally the percentage of public housing pockets within a suburb. Our research has shown that higher density public housing areas lowers the potential for capital growth. Check out our video demonstration on how Ripehouse software can help you pin-point sweet spots within a suburb!

Buy below market value

So you have located a property in a sweet spot that is primed for capital growth, how do you reliably assess that property in the context of the suburb? When assessing property condition it is essential that the condition assessment is conducted using VALID comparables, aka apples with apples! A valid comparable needs to satisfy three criteria to be useful; It must have sold in the last 6 months, it must be in a similar location within a suburb, and of course it must be in similar condition. Ripehouse’ software has inbuilt property appraisal tools that find the most valid comparables for you, and it is self learning so it is becoming even more effective every day!

Ripehouse is the number one choice


" I’ve watched the evolution of Ripehouse from concept to the brilliant property research tool it has become. Jacob Field has created Australia’s best resource for investors who want to drill down to street level to find the right locations for good investments.


" Ripehouse is an invaluable research tool in my investment toolbox. It gives me the confidence I need to make critical decisions as part of my low risk investment strategy. I find the software, street level local data and research very intuitive - as an investor it just gets it.

Buyers Agent

" Your site is amazing and is a credit to [the team]! I am 38 and have been investing in and developing property since I was 19, this is the best tool I have seen throughout my career.


" I wouldn’t have found this property and been able to negotiate as well as I could without your excellent advice and brilliant website. Keep up the great work. Now for my next purchase

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