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Technology is there to empower rather than bamboozle, and we’ve built our platform around that conviction. Ripehouse puts you, the DIY Property Investor, in control. We support you through education, Ripehouse experts, cutting edge research and best in class analysis and search tools.


Top notch resources to get you moving. We are by investors for investors - and have optomised a range of learning resources to help you charge towards your property goals with clarity and confidence.

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Technology and research is empowering. We provide unique and best in class research tools to help you locate you next property. Delegate to the experts, use our "Design your own" strategy interface, or jump right in with our intuitive State, LGA, Suburb, Street or Property research platform.

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Manage, plan and refinance your portfolio like an expert. Knowing exactly when and how you can make your next acquisition is the key to growing your portfolio towards your property dreams. You can track and manage your portfolio with appraisal and finance advice.

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Best in class property investment research


Research is the key to staying ahead of the pack. But it is becoming accessible and common place. You need to stay at the cutting edge, ahead of the wave, to achieve your property dreams and outcomes.

Stand on the shoulders of giants and view the exact strategy and suburb recommendations of the nations premier property experts.


Stand on the shoulders of giants - view the exact strategy and suburb recommendations of the nations premier property experts.

Live Data

You need to make clear and consise decisions based on live data. Often the optimum buying window for upside is only a few weeks. You need to pull the trigger at the prime time for growth.

Stand on the shoulders of giants and view the exact strategy and suburb recommendations of the nations premier property experts.


Technology, research and data is incredibily powerful. It is the key to achieving outstanding results. But it needs to be accessable and allow you to make clear and consise decisions. Ripehouse supports you with content, education and learning resources to give you clarity.

Guy Williams - Investor

Guy Williams - Investor

"I wouldn’t have found this property and been able to negotiate as well as I could without your excellent advice and brilliant website. Keep up the great work. Now for my next purchase.""

Terry Ryder - Researcher

Terry Ryder - Researcher

"I’ve watched the evolution of Ripehouse from concept to the brilliant property research tool it has become. Jacob Field has created Australia’s best resource for investors who want to drill down to street level to find the right locations for good investments.""

Jane Slack-Smith - Educator

Jane Slack-Smith - Educator

"Ripehouse is an invaluable research tool in my investment toolbox. It gives me the confidence I need to make critical decisions as part of my low risk investment strategy. I find the software, street level local data and research very intuitive - as an investor it just gets it."

Dave Ward - Buyers agent

Dave Ward - Buyers agent

"Your site is amazing and is a credit to [the team]! I am 38 and have been investing in and developing property since I was 19, this is the best tool I have seen throughout my career."

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Top 5 Investment Stragies and which one is right for you?

One of the first decisions to make when you start buying property is which strategy you are going to choose to reach your goals. Without a clear strategy, your journey in property can end up being hit and miss, and you may never reach your goals. For example, there's no point selecting a strategy that requires a lot of time to implement if you're short on time as it is.

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